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What does the pre-screening check for in an eye exam?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

There are three main parts to your eye exam. The pre-screening, the eye health check and the refraction.

The pre-screening consists of numerous tests that are administered by the optometrist or appointed staff that has been trained by the optometrist to help get information regarding your eyes which will give the Dr insight about your eyes. Here at Dr. Poonam Lakhani & Assoicates; eye health is an important factor, which is why we take a retinal image or a photograph of the inside of your eye. This helps to screen for diseases like glaucoma and it gives the Dr baseline measurements to help take good care of your eyes for the years to come.

You will also look at an image which will go in an out of focus which measures the length of your eye and curvature of the front of your eye to help determine the prescription of your glasses as well as screen for corneal diseases like kerataconus. Once these tests are done you will wait to be seen by the Dr.

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